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Hiding In The Darkness


I worked for two hours trying to get a clear picture of this caterpillar. I was never able to get the camera to focus on him. This was the first day I worked with the camera. I thought even blackened out it was an interesting picture.

My First Attempt, Kind of Funny


This was one of my first attempts. I was trying to get the little fly on the leaf.

I need to explain that I am the person notorious for cutting heads off in important shots. I finally started handing the camera to someone else. This is huge for me to attempt to take pictures. My Mother has loaned me her Canon Rebel XT camera to learn with and help with my healing.

The Many Faces of A Magnolia Bloom

magnolia bud 2 Magnolia 1 Magnolia 3 Magnolia 6-1-2



I took these the second day of learning.  Magnolias are beautiful flowers to me.  I decided  put all the stages of a magnolia blossom in one post.  Of course this is not one blossom, these are different ones on the same tree, but I loved capturing the different stages.

Wonder Twins-Pink White Pretty Tiny Pink Simple Beauty 2 Pink Beauty Lovely Pink Dark Pink Beauty Delicate Pink Golden Beauty

Mother created  island of wild flowers.  Each flower provides a playground for butterflies and hummingbirds.  These pictures were some of the first ones I took.

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