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The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree 6-5-1The Giving Tree

I hope to get a better picture of our climbing tree, this makes it look short. (I added the larger picture today.)  I lovingly think of it as “The Giving Tree” as Shel Silvertein talked about in his children’s book.  Mimosa’s typically only live about 17 years.  Our mimosa has lived 45 + years.

I know that is because the love we give it, and it gives in return.  Many an adventure have been lived out in this tree.  It was a boat, a castle, a home, a school bus, a school, a space ship, and anything a child’s mind could imagine.  His sturdy limbs once even saved us from a neighborhood dog attack.  As Granny yelled, “run to the climbing tree” when a Doberman jumped the fence.

Several generations have climbed it.  When I was 19 and broke up with my first very serious marriage talking boyfriend, I went and climbed this tree and cried.  When I moved back home after being gone for three years, one of the first things I did was climb the tree.   I could not get as high as I once could, but I could still climb it.  He has a disease now; but he still blooms year after year.  When the grandchildren come, they still visit him.  I love this tree!

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