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Secrets of the Giving Tree

I have mentioned before our “Giving Tree” is diseased and dying.  Today I went out and took a picture of a knot whole.  I remember well the limb that used to come out of this knot.  It was my position to sit as a child, straddling it.  This very spot was where most of my adventure played out.   I was very said for my tree.  Today,  I realized that it must be the heart of the tree.  You will understand why.

Giving Tree hole 6-7

As I leaned in closer to take pictures I saw a pecan and thought that is the neatest thing in the world.  Squirrels are using the tree as a secret hide away to store food.

hole in the giving tree 6-7

The nut tucked is way in the back so you could not see it in this picture.  When I looked at the next image on the screen my eyes filled with tears.

Safe in the giving tree 6-7What I thought was a pecan, was not a pecan at all.  It was a tiny bird egg.  Yes, safe in the Giving Tree protected from harm.  Rest safe little one.  Your mom chose wisely. You have very special first home.


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4 thoughts on “Secrets of the Giving Tree

  1. How special!!!! The tree is giving the space where it once had a limb into a home for new baby birds! I loved reading this! Thanks!

  2. The Giving Tree always makes me want to cry when I read it. It is one of my favorite books to read to children. A must have book for any family!

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