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Harmless or Not? Can You Identify?


Can you identify this creature? For you repile lovers, I must admit that he is no longer among the living. When I saw him, I almost went before him, not decapitated as he was, but heartattack. I HATE SNAKES!

Please do not hate me, we have dogs, little bitty chihuahuas to be worried about, and big sissy adults to worry about too.

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4 thoughts on “Harmless or Not? Can You Identify?

  1. Run A Muck Ranch on said:

    If you see fangs, dangerous. If no fangs, not dangerous. Love for the snake tribe whenever possible! Brought to you by someone who is terrified of snakes, and has been bitten by 2 rattlesnakes and 1 bullsnake.

  2. mytravelmateblog on said:

    It was just a harmless water snake that you killed 😦

    Nerodia fasciata

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