Healing Through Pictures

A Healing Journey Through PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression One Picture At A Time


My name is Hope. I have dealt with anxiety and depression all my life, and recently after remembering being raped as a child, I was diagnosed with PTSD.

I attend therapy weekly and I am encouraged to stay in the now twenty-four hours at a time, to help deal with a loud inner child that tries to take over my life.

While driving home one day, fighting to keep her at bay, I started to notice details around me. Right in front of me a log chip truck carried a full load, and I noticed a blue braided rope on top of the chips. Along side the road, colorful wildflowers bloomed. Clouds in different shapes. I realized as I saw these details, her voice became more distant.

The prompting came to me that I should take up photography, and each day find these new details in my everyday environment, and so I have.

This blog is dedicated to those images and my journey to heal through learning photography.

You can also follow my other blog Reclaiming My Narnia if you would like a narrative of the journey. It also includes my back story.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hope……you are braver than me. Have you posted anything on http://www.brokenlight.com ??? blessings to you & your family….jim

  2. I suffer anxiety and depression too. And I love animals. I feel for you. I send warm thoughts and prayers.

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