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Strike A Pose


The squirrels are becoming some of my favorite models. I love their cute poses and silly facial expressions.

If I Am Really Still


I walked over where we put Tender’s corn on Saturday, and when I looked up I saw this cute guy enjoying a kernel on the pecan tree. His coat made him almost camouflaged. Quite a stealthy little guy.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves





I went to natures inch worm curvy body and the beautiful curves of the magnolia pedals. I also borrowed a beautiful curves my husband took of copper wire, and then the contrast of the rusty curves of the chains.

Monthly Project 06 – Spring












Inside the Giving Tree


When I went to check on the egg in the Giving Tree I heard, click, click, click. I thought it was the egg hatching, so I took a quick picture with my Iphone.

Nope, not the eggs hatching. I noticed it was Mama, telling me to go away.

New Beginnings, Seed Pods and Berries

Evergreen Berries

Persimmon Tree 6-7wisteria pods 6-5-1 Dogwood Berries 6-5

You will hear me say it a thousand times.  Nature is amazing.

Date Night At the Beach, Early Anniversay

The Flag 1 6-8 Thunderhead 6-8 Stranger on a cool tree 6-8 St Simons Lighthouse 4 6-8 Sand and plant 6-8 Rising Above the palms 6-8 2 Rainbow sailboat 6-8 Palm Tree 6-8 Neptune Pier 6-8 Looking Down Beach 6-8 Island Natural Beauty 6-8 View from the pier 6-8

Come with me on our anniversary date.  We went down to St. Simons Island.  It was very relaxing.  Not too hot, the breeze was very nice.  The husband did some reading while took pictures and watched people.  I even caught one gentleman sitting on an interesting looking tree.  I wanted a picture of the tree and he was sitting there.  🙂

My husband and I sat for a while watching people on the pier fishing, without much luck.    It was a nice relaxing date.  We need more evenings like this.  Just to relax and be together and remember each other.

I Can’t Get Enough of Magnolia’s In Bloom

Magnolia Open 6-7


Magnolias are truly one of nature’s beauties.

The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree 6-5-1The Giving Tree

I hope to get a better picture of our climbing tree, this makes it look short. (I added the larger picture today.)  I lovingly think of it as “The Giving Tree” as Shel Silvertein talked about in his children’s book.  Mimosa’s typically only live about 17 years.  Our mimosa has lived 45 + years.

I know that is because the love we give it, and it gives in return.  Many an adventure have been lived out in this tree.  It was a boat, a castle, a home, a school bus, a school, a space ship, and anything a child’s mind could imagine.  His sturdy limbs once even saved us from a neighborhood dog attack.  As Granny yelled, “run to the climbing tree” when a Doberman jumped the fence.

Several generations have climbed it.  When I was 19 and broke up with my first very serious marriage talking boyfriend, I went and climbed this tree and cried.  When I moved back home after being gone for three years, one of the first things I did was climb the tree.   I could not get as high as I once could, but I could still climb it.  He has a disease now; but he still blooms year after year.  When the grandchildren come, they still visit him.  I love this tree!

The Many Faces of A Magnolia Bloom

magnolia bud 2 Magnolia 1 Magnolia 3 Magnolia 6-1-2



I took these the second day of learning.  Magnolias are beautiful flowers to me.  I decided  put all the stages of a magnolia blossom in one post.  Of course this is not one blossom, these are different ones on the same tree, but I loved capturing the different stages.

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