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Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves





I went to natures inch worm curvy body and the beautiful curves of the magnolia pedals. I also borrowed a beautiful curves my husband took of copper wire, and then the contrast of the rusty curves of the chains.

I Can’t Get Enough of Magnolia’s In Bloom

Magnolia Open 6-7


Magnolias are truly one of nature’s beauties.

The Many Faces of A Magnolia Bloom

magnolia bud 2 Magnolia 1 Magnolia 3 Magnolia 6-1-2



I took these the second day of learning.  Magnolias are beautiful flowers to me.  I decided  put all the stages of a magnolia blossom in one post.  Of course this is not one blossom, these are different ones on the same tree, but I loved capturing the different stages.

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