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Around the Wildflower Garden Today…

Hidden butterfly 6-7 2 Purple Flower 6-7 Pink and Bee, most clear 6-7 Red Lily 6-7 Wildflower bud 6-7 Sand 6-7 Red flower raindrops 6-5-2


It just amazes me daily the things I am starting to see anew.  From the sand on the ground, to the true beauty of flowers.  I have always thought flowers were nice, but never been one to notice the shapes of petals or drops of rain on them, or tiny creatures in their habitat.  I am so grateful for this photographic journey of healing and awakening to the world around me.  These pictures all come from Mother’s gardening.  I can see why she finds peace when working around it.

Mother’s Vineyard

Grapes 2 6-7Grapes 6-7

Mother’s grapes are producing this year. So pretty, going to be so yummy too!

Secrets of the Giving Tree

I have mentioned before our “Giving Tree” is diseased and dying.  Today I went out and took a picture of a knot whole.  I remember well the limb that used to come out of this knot.  It was my position to sit as a child, straddling it.  This very spot was where most of my adventure played out.   I was very said for my tree.  Today,  I realized that it must be the heart of the tree.  You will understand why.

Giving Tree hole 6-7

As I leaned in closer to take pictures I saw a pecan and thought that is the neatest thing in the world.  Squirrels are using the tree as a secret hide away to store food.

hole in the giving tree 6-7

The nut tucked is way in the back so you could not see it in this picture.  When I looked at the next image on the screen my eyes filled with tears.

Safe in the giving tree 6-7What I thought was a pecan, was not a pecan at all.  It was a tiny bird egg.  Yes, safe in the Giving Tree protected from harm.  Rest safe little one.  Your mom chose wisely. You have very special first home.


Yellow Flowers Are So Pretty To Me

Yellow Flowers Are So Pretty To Me

I Took these yesterday. If I am correct, we gave them to Mother a couple of years ago. She has kept them alive.

Do Not Even Think About Touching My Bone!

Let me introduce you to Heidi. Heidi belongs to my parents. She is my younger sister. 🙂 I sure do love her like one. We had a fun photo shoot today.

Heidi closeup 6-5

Heidi and her bone 6-5-1

Nobody Touches My Bone 6-5

Heidi jumping up on step

The Rose Fence



Mother used to have a black thumb.  Through adversity she prayed that she would be able to overcome and help bring life.  Her relieves stress by  pulling weeds and tending her flowers.  I have a category dedicated just to Mother’s Flowers, to showcase her beautiful treasures.  I am so grateful that she found this talent, because I can look out my back window and see this.

Granny’s Love and Rose Live On


My Granny died in 2001. This cherokee rose was barely hanging on around a tree in her backyard. She loved this rose. When she was in good health she would take a bucket and water all her plants, this rose included.

My Mother took a clipping from the rose, sprouted it, and nurtured it. Now thriving it climbs length of her clain link fence. It is beautiful. Mother continuing to nurture it with the love and tender care that Granny did us.

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