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Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic–Butterfly Surgery

As a child I loved chasing butterflies from flower to flower, I suppose chasing was putting it lightly. Stalking was more like it. Those poor traumatized butterflies.

I remember one day being very very young and playing with one of our butterflies until nearly all the dust was off his wings. I was so very sad the he could not fly. He tried but just walked around. I just knew we had killed him, as I looked at his wing dust on our little fingers.

We thought and thought what we should do. I had a brilliant idea. Our dirt was dusty like the dust on his wings, so I dusted his wings really good, and said a little prayer, and you know what? He flew, it took him a couple of times, but he flew away.

I have always wondered if it was the dirt dust or Heavenly Father answering the prayers of a child who had tender growing faith.

My photographs are of butterflies. I noticed the wings of the orange butterflies are kind of worn. I wonder if they too have been stalked, captured, and then became a child’s miracle too.




I Had A Thought I Wanted To Share Today….



(Sorry I could not resist the Squirrel reference from UP! Disney Pixar.) ūüôā

Dragon Fly, What Big Eyes You Have!

It is interesting once YOU capture something in photo, it becomes yours, and you start noticing things you have not before.  I have noticed the beauty of dragon flies before, even commented on a blog recently about how beautiful their pictures were, but it was not until today when I looked at my pictures that I noticed just how large their eyes are.  Photographers truly do see through different eyes.  I am not in the class with the pros, I will never reach that point, but I am so excited for the eyes that I see through now.

Dragon Fly Pink Flower 6-18 Dragon Fly on purple clear 6-18 Dragon Fly Clear 6-18 Dragon Fly blue side view clear 6-18 Dragon Fly on Pink 6-18

Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me

I remember when as a child swimming and one of these horse flies would come around, we would scream “Horse Fly”! ¬†and everyone would splash and dive under the water.

One landed on the truck today and was able to get a picture close up.

Horse Fly 6-15

Inside the Giving Tree


When I went to check on the egg in the Giving Tree I heard, click, click, click. I thought it was the egg hatching, so I took a quick picture with my Iphone.

Nope, not the eggs hatching. I noticed it was Mama, telling me to go away.

New Beginnings, Seed Pods and Berries

Evergreen Berries

Persimmon Tree 6-7wisteria pods 6-5-1 Dogwood Berries 6-5

You will hear me say it a thousand times.  Nature is amazing.

Date Night At the Beach, Early Anniversay

The Flag 1 6-8 Thunderhead 6-8 Stranger on a cool tree 6-8 St Simons Lighthouse 4 6-8 Sand and plant 6-8 Rising Above the palms 6-8 2 Rainbow sailboat 6-8 Palm Tree 6-8 Neptune Pier 6-8 Looking Down Beach 6-8 Island Natural Beauty 6-8 View from the pier 6-8

Come with me on our anniversary date. ¬†We went down to St. Simons Island. ¬†It was very relaxing. ¬†Not too hot, the breeze was very nice. ¬†The husband did some reading while took pictures and watched people. ¬†I even caught one gentleman sitting on an interesting looking tree. ¬†I wanted a picture of the tree and he was sitting there. ¬†ūüôā

My husband and I sat for a while watching people on the pier fishing, without much luck.    It was a nice relaxing date.  We need more evenings like this.  Just to relax and be together and remember each other.

Around the Wildflower Garden Today…

Hidden butterfly 6-7 2 Purple Flower 6-7 Pink and Bee, most clear 6-7 Red Lily 6-7 Wildflower bud 6-7 Sand 6-7 Red flower raindrops 6-5-2


It just amazes me daily the things I am starting to see anew. ¬†From the sand on the ground, to the true beauty of flowers. ¬†I have always thought flowers were nice, but never been one to notice the shapes of petals or drops of rain on them, or tiny creatures in their habitat. ¬†I am so grateful for this photographic journey of healing and awakening to the world around me. ¬†These pictures all come from Mother’s gardening. ¬†I can see why she finds peace when working around it.

Secrets of the Giving Tree

I have mentioned before our “Giving Tree” is diseased and dying. ¬†Today I went out and took a picture of a knot whole. ¬†I remember well the limb that used to come out of this knot. ¬†It was my position to sit as a child, straddling it. ¬†This very spot was where most of my adventure played out. ¬† I was very said for my tree. ¬†Today, ¬†I realized that it must be the heart of the tree. ¬†You will understand why.

Giving Tree hole 6-7

As I leaned in closer to take pictures I saw a pecan and thought that is the neatest thing in the world.  Squirrels are using the tree as a secret hide away to store food.

hole in the giving tree 6-7

The nut tucked is way in the back so you could not see it in this picture.  When I looked at the next image on the screen my eyes filled with tears.

Safe in the giving tree 6-7What I thought was a pecan, was not a pecan at all.  It was a tiny bird egg.  Yes, safe in the Giving Tree protected from harm.  Rest safe little one.  Your mom chose wisely. You have very special first home.


Wonder Twins-Pink White Pretty Tiny Pink Simple Beauty 2 Pink Beauty Lovely Pink Dark Pink Beauty Delicate Pink Golden Beauty

Mother created  island of wild flowers.  Each flower provides a playground for butterflies and hummingbirds.  These pictures were some of the first ones I took.

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